Tusks: “Mind”

For the past few years Emily Underhill has struggled with Harm OCD, a subset of OCD which is characterized by anxiety from thinking you have accidentally hurt someone else. “Mind”, the new single from her band Tusks, was written about the topic, and its just-released video was made to raise awareness of the condition. You can find her Avalanche and Dissolve LPs in her webstore now.

Tusks: “Be Mine”

“Be Mine” is a surging anthem and the latest single from Tusks, and Ms. Underhill has just shared its ominous and electric new video. The track is taken from the recently-released Avalanche LP. You can order signed-vinyl, CD and bundled editions of it from her webstore, where you’ll find her previous releases as well.

Tusks: “Peachy Keen”


Muscular and meaningful, “Peachy Keen” is the bold and powerful brand-new single from longtime Autumn Roses favorite Tusks. The track is taken from Avalanche, her forthcoming and second LP. Out from June 14th, you can pre-order signed-vinyl, signed-CD and bundled editions of it from her webstore right now.