Lindy Vision: "Restless"

Photo by Cougar Vigil

Albuquerque, New Mexico’s Lindy Vision have just unleashed “Restless”, their honed, honest and hard-hitting brand-new single. The synth-soaked track is taken from their forthcoming Adult Children, Part II EP. That will be released on March 6th, but you can hear Adult Children, Part I and more of their music by now visiting their Bandcamp page.

Cary Grace: "Film Noir"

Today musician, producer and Wiard Analogue synthesizer company owner Cary Grace unveils her Lady of Turquoise LP, and above you can hear the honeyed “Film Noir” — an intoxicating epic and one of its thirteen tracks. The deluxe edition of the album arrives on double-glass-mastered CD with a handmade lyric book, and a digital version is of course available as well. You can find both now on her Bandcamp page.

Honeycraft: “Outsider”

Soulful in a sweet haze, it floats gently and carefree on waves of vintage, 70s-synth sounds and neon charisma. “Outsider” is the silken and inviting brand-new single from L.A.’s Catherine Rose Smith, a.k.a. Honeycraft. You can find streaming links for the track right here, and it’s available from her Bandcamp page, too.

Xoller: “Loom”

Poetry with a pulse, it’s an astral hymn that dances in a dream. “Loom” is generous, longing and the starbright new single from L.A.’s Xoller. You can find links to this track right now by visiting her website, and her Diamond In My Head EP will arrive later in the Spring.