Audrey: “Paper”

“Paper” is the youthful, sharply-edited and subtly-cutting brand-new single from New Jersey’s Audrey. Easily engaging, its visions are tranquil and modern, edgy and dramatic. You can find various streaming and download links for this track right here.

Mysie: “Sweet Relief”

Photo by Ayman Chaudhry

Arriving with an exquisitely-toned video choreographed by Duran Abdullah and danced by Ellie Harulow and Kirsty Fiona, it floats effortlessly on serene, naturally-rhythmic waves. “Sweet Relief” is the elegant, calming brand-new single from Streatham-based musician Mysie. You can find streaming and download links for this track right here.

Moor Mother: “Black Flight”

Featuring the commanding presence of rapper and poet Saul Williams, “Black Flight” is the apocalyptic, arresting brand-new single from Philly’s Moor Mother. The track is taken from the forthcoming Analog Fluids of Sonic Black Holes LP. Out care of Don Giovanni from November 8th, you can order clear-vinyl, black-vinyl, CD and bundled editions of it from them now, and it’s available from her Bandcamp page, too.

AMA: “Crystal”

Photo by Seb Gallego

A sleek and smartly-planned celebration, “Crystal” is the welcoming and poised new single from West London’s AMA. You can find streaming links for it right here. Meanwhile her debut EP Screenluv will be released by Dirty Hit later this Summer.

Brittany Howard: “Stay High”

The joyous, humane new video stars Terry Crews, the track of course is transcendent. “Stay High” is the spectacular new single from Brittany Howard, and it’s taken from her forthcoming LP Jaime. Out from September 20th, you can pre-order deluxe-bundles, sandstone-vinyl, zoetrope-labelled-vinyl, CD and digital editions of it from ATO Records now.

Grace Acladna: “Apnea”

Its melodic wisps levitate on strong, pure and alternating beams of light and soul. “Apnea” is the magical new single from Hounslow, England’s Grace Acladna, and it’s taken from her just-released Phonophobia EP. Out care of Hometown Records, you can find a variety of streaming and download links for it right here.

Lil Halima: “who do u love”

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and outdoor
Photo by Sara Saeidi

A light caress, “who do u love” is the serene and smooth new single from Bardu, Norway’s Lil Halima. It arrives with a charming and handmade video co-directed by the artist herself. The track is taken from her just-released for the bright days EP, and you can find streaming links for that right here.

Ayelle: “Parts”


Sadness simmers as strobing, astral lights beam — unfiltered and mesmerizing. “Parts” is the striking, magical and soulful brand-new single from London’s Ayelle. She will be releasing a new track each month this year, and you can find May’s installment right here.