Smoke Fairies: “Elevator”

“Elevator” is ghostly grunge — urgent and taken from Darkness Brings The Wonders Home, the newest LP from Smoke Fairies, and Annick Wolfers has directed a violet-hued and dramatic new video to accompany it. You can buy gold-vinyl, picture-disc, CD, cassette and various bundled editions of it from their webstore now. The band were set to play at a series of in-store appearances at Resident Records in Brighton, Vinilo in Southampton and Level Crossing Records in London. For rather obvious reasons those have been cancelled, but the band will be playing a live online show, and they request that you make donations to those shops then. More information about that event can be found right here.

Smoke Fairies: “Disconnect”

Darkness Brings The Wonders Home is the name of the forthcoming new LP from Smoke Fairies, from which you can hear the dark-opal and spiked “Disconnect” above. The album, recorded with legend Phil Ek in Seattle, will be released on January 31st. You can pre-order gold-vinyl, cassette, CD and bundled editions of it now from their webstore.

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Smoke Fairies: “Disconnect”

Photo by Annick Wolfers

Textured and tough, “Disconnect” is the unswerving, rushing brand-new single from London- and Chichester-based Smoke Fairies. The track is taken from their just-announced new LP Darkness Brings The Wonders Home. Out from January 31st, you can pre-order gold-vinyl, black-vinyl, deluxe-CD and signed versions of either from Rough Trade now.