Amahla: “Apathy”

Ageless and operatic, it moves fluidly — energized by detail and the graceful powers of storytelling. “Apathy” is the sweetly-syncopated brand-new single from London’s Amahla. Out today, you can find streaming links for it right here, and it’s available to download from her Bandcamp page, too.

Jamilah Barry: “Sunblock”

Photo by Adama Jalloh

A smoldering triumph, it’s deeply felt, psychologically deft and a joy to listen to. “Sunblock” is the complex, beckoning and humane brand-new single from Leeds- and London-raised musician Jamilah Barry. You can find streaming links for the just-released track right here.

RALPH: “Last Time”

Photo by Mariah Hamilton

Illuminated by sodium streetlamps, “Last Time” is a late-night confession and the modern, freely-flowing and brand-new single from Toronto’s Raffa Weyman, a.k.a. RALPH. You can find various streaming links for it right here. The track is taken from Fantasies & Flashbacks, her next EP, and she will release that on November 13th.

Audrey: “Paper”

“Paper” is the youthful, sharply-edited and subtly-cutting brand-new single from New Jersey’s Audrey. Easily engaging, its visions are tranquil and modern, edgy and dramatic. You can find various streaming and download links for this track right here.