As the release of her ACCA album draws ever closer, Parisian ALA.NI has unveiled its gently-insistent and bewitching track “PAPA” along with a filmic, Tania Feghali-directed new video to accompany it. The LP is released on January 24th. You can find pre-saving information for it as well as links to its previous singles by visiting her website.

Tasha Angela: "Undescribable Feeling"

Soothing and sunrise-toned, “Undescribable Feeling” is a slick, soulful release and the emotionally-generous brand-new single from Toronto’s Tasha Angela. Virgilia Griffith meanwhile has choreographed, directed and stars in its intimate new video. The track is taken from her forthcoming Hidden Gems EP, one she releases on February 4th.

Jamilah Barry: "hiver"

Photo by Adama Jalloh

Rhythms skitter across glass-smooth surfaces, deep emotions radiate from mysterious depths. “hiver” is the emotive, echoing and enchanting brand-new single from London’s Jamilah Barry. You can find various streaming and download links for this right here, and you can find her music and collaborations on her Soundcloud page, too.

Niia: “Whatever You Got”

Marble smooth, “Whatever You Got” is polished until it gleams, and it’s the bright and comforting brand-new single from Niia. The track receives its official release tomorrow, November 22nd, and you can pre-save it right here. II: La Bella Vita, her next album, will be released on February 14th.

ALA.NI: “Bitch”

Dazzlingly patterned, personable and featuring a quick-but-punchy vocal contribution from the legendary Iggy Pop, “Bitch” is the bold and bright brand-new single from Parisian musician ALA.NI. The track is taken from her forthcoming LP ACCA. Out from January 24th, you can find links to digital and physical versions of it by following this link.

Mysie: “Heartbeat”

South London’s Mysie has shared not only her serene and symphonic new single “Heartbeat” but its stylishly-post-modern video as well. Together they blend seamlessly a contemporary angularity with the pillowy comfort of vintage R & B. You can find assorted streaming and download links for this track right here.

August Eve: “Ashes”

Photo by Bethany Vargas

Liquid soul flows without resistance as strings and charisma announce the arriving night’s many possibilities. “Ashes” is the molten brand-new single from August Eve, and you can find streaming and download links for it right here. It’s taken from her debut EP Ashes In A Vase, which she releases on November 19th.