Bacchae: "Hammer"

Photo by Kara Donnelly

Bright and buzzing, personable as it rushes, “Hammer” is the joyous, inviting and brand-new single from Washington, D.C.’s Bacchae. The Pleasure Vision album from which it is taken arrives courtesy of femme/queer/trans-owned label Get Better Records on March 6th. Digital versions of it are available to pre-order from the band’s Bandcamp page, while electric-blue vinyl versions can be found here.

Cable Ties: "Sandcastles"

Far Enough is the name of the new album from Melbourne’s Cable Ties, and from it they’ve just loosed the pointed, kinetic “Sandcastles”. The album is released on March 27th by the mighty Merge Records. You can pre-order amber-and-black-swirl-vinyl, black-vinyl, CD and digital editions of it from them now, and it’s available from the band’s Bandcamp page, too.

The Ghost Wolves: "Let's Go To Mars"

Photo by Jaqueline Badeaux

A searing, sinewy transmission, “Let’s Go To Mars” is a rough-and-tumble celebration and the blood-pumping new single from Austin’s The Ghost Wolves. This is the A-side to the Let’s Go To Mars b/w Last Man single that they release through Dirty Water Records on February 7th. You can order 7″-vinyl and digital versions of it from the band’s Bandcamp page now.

Photo by Johan Vipper

Leggy: “Not What You Need”

A New Wave reverie, its comforting distortion and roiling tunefulness hisses with a wave-like kindness. “Not What You Need” is the smart and vibrant new single from Cincinnati, Ohio’s Leggy, one taken from the Let Me Know Your Moon LP that they released through Sheer Luck Records earlier this year. You can order vinyl, CD and digital versions of it from the band’s Bandcamp page now.

ShitKid: “Get Jealous”

Photo by Milkdrop Studio

Featuring legends Paul Leary of Butthole Surfers and Josh Freese of Devo, “Get Jealous” is the brawny, boisterous and absolutely-wonderful brand-new single from Stockholm’s ShitKid. Their forthcoming LP Duo Limbo​/​”Mellan himmel å helvete” collects the tracks they recorded in California with Punk titans Melvins and in Austin with Paul Leary, and it will be released on January 24th. Out care of PNKSLM, you can pre-order black-vinyl, black-and-white-vinyl and digital versions of it from the band’s Bandcamp page now.