The Brat: “High School”

Teresa Covarrubias is a Chicana musician from East Los Angeles, and her Punk band The Brat were active between 1978 and 1985. You can hear their blistering and breakneck observation “High School” above. The Straight Outta East L.A. compilation will be released by Burger Records for Cassette Store Day, which takes place this Saturday, October 12th. Finally you can buy their Pledge of Allegiance release from their website.

Drahla: “Goldstar”

Drahla by Sam Joyce

“Goldstar” was written by Alex Fergusson and extraordinary occultist, artist and musician Genesis Breyer P-Orridge for their band Psychic TV, and today Leeds, England’s Drahla have shared their respectful, chiming and excellent version of it. Earlier this year the band released their debut album Useless Coordinates. You can buy bone-vinyl, black-vinyl, CD and digital versions of it both from Captured Tracks and from the band’s Bandcamp page now.

Baby Shakes: “Cause A Scene”

Photo by Nate Frohnhoefer

The video’s vintage-monster-movie vibes emit joy and humor, the track rushes with a warm Rock-and-Roll spontaneity. “Cause A Scene” is the lean and likable new single from New York City’s Baby Shakes, and it’s the title track to their forthcoming new LP. Out tomorrow, September 20th, you can order vinyl, CD and bundled editions of it from their webstore, and the digital version is available from their Bandcamp page.

Desert Sharks: “I Don’t Know How to Dress for the Apocalypse”

Photo by Shawn Cuni

Next Friday, September 27th, Brooklyn’s Desert Sharks unleash their Baby’s Gold Death Stadium LP, and you can fall in love with its high-octane “I Don’t Know How To Dress For The Apocalypse” above. The album is out on female- and queer-run label Substitute Scene. You can pre-order gold-vinyl and digital versions of it from the band’s Bandcamp page right now.