Elizabeth Joan Kelly: “Feral At Night”

New Orleans, Louisiana’s Elizabeth Joan Kelly composes underground, apocalyptic Sturm und Drang with a sense of gallows humor and vintage style, and Farewell, Doomed Planet! is the name of her latest LP. Above you can hear its tense and menacing “Feral At Night”. You can find links to digital versions of the album by visiting her website, and it’s available from her Bandcamp page as well.

Clio Em: “[ s o l v e i g ]”

Floating with a lunar grace a whisper above Edvard Grieg’s “Solveigs sang” from Peer Gynt, “[ s o l v e i g ]” is a zero-gravity epic and the heaven-sent new transmission from Vienna’s Clio Em. Recorded live at Haus Gnad in her hometown, the piece was conducted by Antanina Kalechyts. You can stream this right now by visiting her Soundcloud page, and you can find her music on her Bandcamp page as well.

Astrid Sonne: “Area Under A Curve”

Photo by Magnus Bach

Cliodynamics is the name of the forthcoming LP from Copenhagen-based composer and musician Astrid Sonne, and today she’s shared its dizzying, cyclical “Area Under A Curve”. An accompanying video features a hypnotic performance by Mads Bittmann. The album arrives on October 4th care of Escho, and you can pre-order the vinyl version of it from them now.

Clio Em: “Paper”

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Photo by Georg Aufreiter

Translucent, textured and enveloped in a lucid quietude, “Paper” is a secret fondly recalled and taken from Lace, the forthcoming EP from Viennese writer, composer, contralto opera singer and TAR contributor Clio Em. The EP will arrive on September 5th. You’ll find that on her Bandcamp page, where you can buy her Gravity Wing soundtrack as well. Additionally you can read her music’s sundry accompanying short stories by visiting her website.

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Anne Imhof: Faust

Faust is part performance art, part exhibition and part sonic exploration. The multi-media presentation, which ran over the course of several hours, was created by Frankfurt- and Paris-based artist Anne Imhof and was originally staged at the 57th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia. There it won the Golden Lion award for best participation, and PAN will be releasing selected recordings from it next month. Above you can hear its inky, deep and mystic “Queen Song”, sung by Eliza Douglas and Franziska Aigner. It will be issued on double-vinyl, CD and digital versions, and you can pre-order yours both from her Bandcamp page and the label’s webstore now.

Nina Keith: “In The Woods We Both Saw It, Weren’t Dreaming”

Photo by Madeleine Bishop

Its wavelets hypnotic and its action spellbinding, “In The Woods We Both Saw It, Weren’t Dreaming” is a subtle tempest and the dramatic new single from Philadelphia’s Nina Keith. The track is taken from her forthcoming debut full-length LP MARANASATI 19111. Out from August 30th, you can pre-order the digital version of it from her Bandcamp page. Via Gorilla vs. Bear.