Ivana Carrescia: “Be The Wind”

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With a quiet generosity, New York City’s elusive and wildly talented Ivana Carrescia has recently shared “Be The Wind”, her translucent and expansive new track. Its vast and ivory-toned negative spaces are animated by swinging syncopations and astral encounters vividly dreamt. It’s taken from a new EP that she will be releasing this Winter, and you can hear a great number of her previous releases by visiting her Soundcloud page.


Anna Straker: “I Got The Beat”

Pumping in time with a youthful heart, “I Got The Beat” is the breezy, intoxicating new single from classically-trained, London-based musician, producer and DJ Anna Straker. She’s just released a live video for it, and it dazzles effortlessly. You can find streaming and download links for this right here.

Millie Turner: “Swimming Pool”

With a sweet little echo of a bossa nova bop the track bubbles and bursts, while the video, co-directed by the artist herself, rushes with an edgy fluidity. “Swimming Pool” is the cool and colorful brand-new single from London’s Millie Turner. You can find sundry streaming and download links for the track right here.

Raffaella: “Balaclava”

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Literate and sharp, its wicked, detailed observations are lightly worn as melodies and ideas cascade. “Balaclava” is the warmly-ironic, subtly-joyous and brand-new single from New York City’s Raffaella. It’s out now care of Mom + Pop, and you can find links to her music by visiting her website.

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Eka June: “NEEDU!”

A narcotic journey, “NEEDU!” is the spacious, seductive debut single from classically-trained French musician Eka June, and she’s just unveiled its liquid, mesmerizing new video. You can find streaming links for the track on her website. Her debut EP is entitled Sweet Soul, and its release is forthcoming.

Baker Grace: “Sad Summer”


With whimsy and attitude the vibrant colors and warm-weather conventions are joyously undermined with wit, charm, youth and presence. “Sad Summer” is the effervescent, brand-new single from Weehawken, New Jersey’s Baker Grace. You can find all the streaming links you’ll need for it right here.

Nadia Marie: “Yes/No”

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A homemade, therapeutic and quiet triumph, “Yes/No” is the sweet, steel-willed and heartening new single from Atlanta’s Nadia Marie. The track is taken from her forthcoming Weekday Weekend LP, and you can hear it and more of her music on her Soundcloud page. Written and recorded as she recovered from amnesia caused by a terrible car accident, the album arrives on August 23rd.

Isabella: “Tag”

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“Tag” is the rhythmic, cool and confident new single from L.A.’s Isabella, and Marcella Cytrynowicz has directed its stylish, street-smart and sassy new video. It’s a gem and you can stream it on Apple Music and on her Soundcloud page now. Her debut album 12 Angels will be released on August 2nd.

Nikita Bassi: “Satin”

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Smooth as glass and glamorous, it’s honest and lyrical, romantic and bright. “Satin” is the sumptuous and smart brand-new single from London-born, Punjabi-Indian musician Nikita Bassi. You can stream the track right now on her Soundcloud page, and she has more releases planned as the year carries on.