DYLLAN: "devotion"

Photo by Julia Torchine

Streamlined as its rhythms hit hard, “devotion” is the smooth and smoldering new single from L.A.’s Dylan Nichols, a.k.a. DYLLAN. The track is taken from her just-released not your goddess EP. You can find links to that along with information about her hometown release show for it at Madame Siam right here.

Charli Adams: "Backseat"

Photo by Bjorn Franklin

Kind-hearted, charismatic, thoughtfully designed and transcendently tuneful, “Backseat” is the irresistible brand-new single from Nashville’s Charli Adams. Stunning, you can find assorted streaming and download links for this right here. The track is taken from her debut EP Good At Being Young, which she releases on January 31st.

Matilda Mann: "Nothing At All"

Photo by Christina Almeida

“Nothing At All” is a narcotic, calm and continental waltz and the serenely-stylish, brand-new single from West London’s Matilda Mann. You can find various streaming links for this right here. The track is taken from her if that makes sense EP, one due out soon.

Calista Kazuko: "Benzo Belle"

Photo by Enya Belak Gupta

Empress is the title of the brand-new and debut-solo LP from London’s tirelessly-creative Calista Kazuko, and from it above you can hear the operatic, gracefully-pirouetting “Benzo Belle”. Its accompanying video is barbed-wired luxury. You can order deluxe-vinyl, signed-CD, digital and bundled editions of the album from her webstore right now.

Photo by Ester Keate

Rosie Alena: "Mixed Messages"

Photo by Holly Whitaker

The picturesque, exquisitely-composed new video was directed gloriously by Persephone Wood and Lea Georgiev, the track is sumptuous as it floats — languid and lithe. “Mixed Messages” is the the narcotic new and debut single from London’s Rosie Alena, one produced by the black midi collective. You can find assorted streaming links for it right here.

TYGERMYLK: “I Killed The Bees”

Burnished and inspiring, the gleaming brand-new track contemplates with a gold-toned sophistication mass extinctions and climate change. “I Killed The Bees” is the oceanic, classic-sounding brand-new single from Brighton, England’s TYGERMYLK. You can find assorted streaming and download links for this track right here.