╬útella: “Samba”

Photo by Isa Charbila

Enchantment liquefied, “Samba” is the fluid, crystal-clear new single from Athens, Greece-based musician and producer ╬útella. Her first for new label Arbutus Records, you can find streaming links for the track right here. She’s recently completed her first full-length album for them as well, and that will be released later this year.

Luana Kiara: “Trigger”


Choreographed with a hard edge, the tense new video tells a rough and all-too-real story. “Trigger” is the sharp new single from Stockholm’s Luana Kiara, and it’s available to stream right now. The track arrived with a mini-documentary about women’s empowerment, and you can see that right here.


Baker Grace: “Handcuffs”

Photo by Chuck Willis

Weehawken, New Jersey’s Baker Grace has just shared “Handcuffs”, her softly-contemplative and fluent new single. You can find various streaming and download links for it right here. She is currently at work on completing her Girl, I Know EP, one she will release on May 17th.

Hope Tala: “Lovestained”


Subtle rhythms ripple glassy surfaces as her charisma beams. “Lovestained” is the accomplished, breezy and brand-new single from West London’s Hope Tala. You can find assorted streaming and download links for this right here, and the release of her next and second EP is forthcoming.

Grace May: “Quiet”


Sung with crystalline clarity and tangible soul, “Quiet” is the jazzy, mesmerizing and brand-new single from Toronto’s Grace May. You can find streaming and download information for it by visiting her website. She’s currently at work on her debut EP, its release forthcoming.

Sky Ferreira: “Downhill Lullaby”

Image may contain: 1 person, standing
Photo by Casper Sejersen Studio

It’s a dark and luxurious return — a dirge that draws you close so you’ll march arm-in-arm towards the unknown. “Downhill Lullaby” is the lush and riveting brand-new single from Sky Ferreira. You can find links to digital versions of it and all of her previous releases now by visiting her website.