Siv Disa: “Moths”

Stylish and fanciful, “Moths” is a subtly-strange, irresistible invitation and the narcotic new single from New York City’s Siv Disa. It arrives with an uncanny, pastel-toned and woozy video directed wonderfully by the artist herself. You can find a variety of streaming links for this gem right here.

Nikita Bassi: “Oh Lover”

Punjabi-Indian musician Nikita Bassi has just unveiled a sepia-tinted, nostalgic and imagistic new video for her sweeping and romantic single “Oh Lover”. The track is taken from her recently-released and excellent EP Satin. You’ll find all the information you need to stream it by following this link.

Sophie Jamieson: “Hammer”

Its syncopations smooth and its tremolos mysterious, “Hammer” is a dark drama and the riveting brand-new single from London’s Sophie Jamieson. You can find sundry streaming and download links for this track right here. This is the first taste of a forthcoming, as-yet-unspecified new project from her, its details soon to arrive.

Luna Shadows: “practice”

Photo by Larsen Sotelo

Feathered and freely flowing, “practice” is the sweetly-sonorous and spontaneous-feeling brand-new single from L.A.’s Luna Shadows. You can find an assortment of streaming and download links for this right here. This is the latest track she’s shared from her debut LP, its release forthcoming.

Japan, Man: “The Law”

“The Law” is the philosophical, grooved and glowing brand-new single from Beirut, Lebanon’s mysterious and promising Japan, Man. This is the A-side to her The Law / Stop Staring single, and you can stream that now by visiting her Soundcloud page. Meanwhile her debut EP will be released sometime in the Spring.

Fascinations Grand Chorus: “Back Again” and “Can’t Let Go”

Photo by Kelli McGuire

This Friday, November 1st, Jersey City, New Jersey’s Fascinations Grand Chorus release their Presentations of Electrical Confectionery LP. Do preview both the taut, 60s-girl-group-swing of its closing track “Back Again” and its buoyant, high-octane lead track “Can’t Let Go” above. Out courtesy of Silent Stereo Records, you can order the digital version of the album right now from their Bandcamp page.