Chemtrails: “Blurred Visions”

Raucous in the true spirit of Rock and Roll, “Blurred Visions” is the cool and chaotic brand-new single from Manchester, England’s Chemtrails. This is the very-first track on The Peculiar Smell of the Inevitable, their next LP. Released by Stockholm, Sweden’s wonderful PNKSLM Recordings on May 15th, you can order white-vinyl-with-black-splatter-vinyl, black-vinyl and bundled editions of it from their Bandcamp page right now.

ShitKid: “Get Jealous”

Photo by Milkdrop Studio

Featuring legends Paul Leary of Butthole Surfers and Josh Freese of Devo, “Get Jealous” is the brawny, boisterous and absolutely-wonderful brand-new single from Stockholm’s ShitKid. Their forthcoming LP Duo Limbo​/​”Mellan himmel å helvete” collects the tracks they recorded in California with Punk titans Melvins and in Austin with Paul Leary, and it will be released on January 24th. Out care of PNKSLM, you can pre-order black-vinyl, black-and-white-vinyl and digital versions of it from the band’s Bandcamp page now.

Manuela Iwansson: “Strangers on a Train”

A clear cascade of classic-alternative aesthetics and smoldering with energy, “Strangers on a Train” is the exhilarating, ageless brand-new single from Stockholm, Sweden’s Manuela Iwansson. The track is out through the courtesy of PNKSLM Recordings. You can find assorted streaming and download links for it right here, while her “Blank Surface” single arrives later in the Fall. Finally you can find her Dream Lover EP on her Bandcamp page.