ellis: “embarrassing”

Photo by Ebru Yildiz

A finely-drawn showstopper, “embarrassing” is the poised and commanding brand-new single from Hamilton, Ontario‚Äôs Linnea Siggelkow, a.k.a. ellis. The track is taken from her forthcoming LP Born Again. Released by Fat Possum on April 3rd, you can pre-order pink-vinyl, CD, cassette and digital editions of it from them now, and it’s available from her Bandcamp page as well.

Basement Revolver: “Wax and Digital”

Photo by Kyle Fisher

A satiny swell, “Wax and Digital” is the elegantly-draped new single from Hamilton, Ontario’s Basement Revolver. This is the title track to their next EP, one they release on October 18th. You can pre-order vinyl and digital versions of it now from Sonic Unyon, and it’s available from the band’s Bandcamp page as well. Finally streaming and download information for this track can be found right here.

Cat Clyde: “So Cold”

Photo by Strummer Jasson

Commanding and electric, “So Cold” is the searing new single from London, Ontario’s Cat Clyde, and Angus McMaster has directed its menacing-but-stylish new video. The track is taken from her Hunter’s Trance LP, and you can buy and stream the digital version of it now. A vinyl edition is on the way as well, and you can find purchasing information on her Bandcamp page.

J.R.: “PAL”

Photo by Stella Gigliotti

Julianna Riolino is a musician from St. Catharines, Ontario who records as J.R., and “PAL” is her melodically-dazzling, youthful and independently-minded newest single. Poised and poetic, it’s alive with ideas and ability. You can stream the track right now by visiting her Soundcloud page.

Ariel View: “Friday Nights”

Photo by Isabella Vallero

A reassuring rush, it chimes with honesty and surges with an understated sense of triumph. “Friday Nights” is the joyous new single from Ariel View, a band founded in Ontario, California by sisters Harmonie and Heaven Martinez. You can find streaming links for it right here, and it’s available from their Bandcamp page, too.