Okay Kaya: “Psych Ward”

A revelation that roils, “Psych Ward” is the raw, plain-spoken and disarming brand-new single from New York City’s Okay Kaya. Written from personal experience, it’s taken from her forthcoming Watch This Liquid Pour Itself LP. Out from January 24th, you can pre-order CD, coke-bottle-clear vinyl, digital and bundled editions of it right now by visiting her Bandcamp page.

Okay Kaya: “Ascend and Try Again”

Photo by Coco Capitán

The intense and intimate brand-new video was co-directed by the artist herself, its cinematic vision providing a well-framed complement to the track’s delicate, poetic dances. “Ascend and Try Again” is the brightly-dreamt new single from New York City’s Kaya Wilkins, a.k.a. Okay Kaya. You can find a variety of streaming and download links for this right here.