Hannah Juanita: "Our Love is Done"

Carefree, confident and effortlessly cool, “Our Love Is Done” is the spiked, classic-sounding and instantly-alluring new single from Nashville’s Hannah Juanita. She and Michelle Kowalski meanwhile have directed its vintage-styled, easy-to-relate-to and charming brand-new video. This is the first delightful taste of her forthcoming debut LP, one she’ll release in the Spring.

Pauline Andrès: “Hoping for the Best at the Springwater Supper Club”

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A loving homage to the Dive Bar’s reassuring, gently-timeworn and evocative lore, the brand-new video rings with a dream’s hazed specificities. “Hoping For The Best at the Springwater Supper Club” is the plush new single from French-born, Nashville-based musician Pauline Andrès. You can stream the track right now on her Soundcloud page and you can find additional links to digital versions by visiting her website. All of her previous releases can be found on her Bandcamp page as well.

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Pauline Andrès: “Hoping For The Best At The Springwater Supper Club”

Photo by Tracy Allison

Nashville’s Pauline Andrès has just quite kindly unveiled “Hoping For The Best At The Springwater Supper Club”, a cherry-red and glowing ember that pulses like a lonely, hopeful, searching soul. You can stream the polished and ageless new single and more of her music right now by visiting her Soundcloud page. Additionally you can find all of her previous and excellent releases on her Bandcamp page.

Photo by Tracy Allison