Fassine: "Magpie"

A subtle, powerful homage to our margins’ heroines, “Magpie” is a cirrus-like swirl of purpose and style and the understanding brand-new single from London’s Fassine. You can stream the track right now on Apple Music. This is taken from the band’s next and third album Forge, one they will release through Trapped Animal and Cargo Records on March 27th.

(N.B.: As tomorrow is Pączki Day and there is much to do, there will be no posts. We will return with new music on Wednesday.)

Dana Gavanski: "Yesterday Is Gone"

Photo by Ralitsa Doncheva

Yesterday Is Gone is the title of the forthcoming album from Toronto’s Dana Gavanski, and its title track — a mesmerizing paisley swirl of Nico-esque melody — can be heard above. The album is released on March 27th. Out through the courtesy of Full Time Hobby, you can pre-order orange-vinyl, black-vinyl and CD versions of the LP both from her webstore and from her Bandcamp page right now.

Chloe Foy: "Never Be The Same Again"

The songs on Chloe Foy’s just-released EP Callous Copper are each accompanied by a string quartet, and “Never Be The Same Again” is one assured and exquisite example of what you’ll find on it. Streaming and download links for the whole thing can be found right here. Next month she will be touring throughout England with the string section, and you can find out where she’ll be on her website.

Lewin: "Sorrow"

Photo by Mcklin Fotografie

Whispered with an arresting brightness and a love for 70s folk, it charms as hearts break. “Sorrow” is the plush and poignant brand-new single from Amsterdam’s Jara Holdert and her new project Lewin. It’s beautiful, you can stream it right now by visiting her Soundcloud page and her debut album will be released this Summer.

Agnes Obel: "Camera's Rolling"

Today Copenhagen’s Agnes Obel released her Myopia LP, and so, too has she released the new video for its lead track “Camera’s Rolling” — an otherworldly impression. You can order crystal-clear-vinyl, CD and bundled editions of the album now from her webstore. Tonight she begins a massive tour in support of its release, and you can find all of those dates and locations on her website.