TOPS: "I Feel Alive"

Unconfined and communal, “I Feel Alive” is the reassuring brand-new single from Montréal, Québec’s TOPS. This is the title track to the new album they will be releasing on April 3rd. You can pre-order coke-bottle-clear-vinyl, black-vinyl, CD, smoky-tint-cassette and digital versions of it right now from both their Bandcamp page and their webstore.

Sarah Pagé: “Lithium Taper”

Photo by Linus Ouellette

Next week Montréal-based harpist and composer Sarah Pagé shares her debut solo LP Dose Curves, and you can hear its tense, richly-resonant and taut “Lithium Taper” above. You can find streaming and download links for this right here. Meanwhile the album will be released on October 11th, and you can order vinyl, CD and digital versions of it right now from her Bandcamp page.

BELLFLOWER: “Upside Down”

BELLFLOWER is a musical collective founded by Montréal’s Em Pompa, and “Upside Down” is a spiked symphony and their wide-angled new single. This is the title track to their forthcoming and third LP, one they release on September 20th. You can pre-order the digital version of it and find more of their music now on their Bandcamp page.