Jamilah Barry: "hiver"

Photo by Adama Jalloh

Rhythms skitter across glass-smooth surfaces, deep emotions radiate from mysterious depths. “hiver” is the emotive, echoing and enchanting brand-new single from London’s Jamilah Barry. You can find various streaming and download links for this right here, and you can find her music and collaborations on her Soundcloud page, too.

Matilda Mann: "Nothing At All"

Photo by Christina Almeida

“Nothing At All” is a narcotic, calm and continental waltz and the serenely-stylish, brand-new single from West London’s Matilda Mann. You can find various streaming links for this right here. The track is taken from her if that makes sense EP, one due out soon.


Photo by Chiara Gambuto

The solo-musical project of South London’s Sophie Nicole Ellison, HUSSY has just shared “YLMD”, a comforting surge and its honeyed, sharp new single. Its spiky honesty is swathed in warm, cottony and classic-sounding melodies. You can stream the track right now by visiting her Soundcloud page, and it’s available on all major streaming platforms, too.

Nikita Bassi: “Oh Lover”

Punjabi-Indian musician Nikita Bassi has just unveiled a sepia-tinted, nostalgic and imagistic new video for her sweeping and romantic single “Oh Lover”. The track is taken from her recently-released and excellent EP Satin. You’ll find all the information you need to stream it by following this link.

Mai Kino: “Talk”

A gloriously-gauzed spectacle, the textural and kinetic new video was filmed in Budapest and choreographed by Tamara Zsofia Vadas and Adrienn Hod. “Talk” is the spacious, stirring latest single from Lisbon- and London-based musician Mai Kino. You can find assorted streaming links for this track right here.

Bekah Bossard: “San Diego”

“San Diego” is a gently-winding, shimmering reflection and the languid and lyrical debut single from London’s Bekah Bossard. All at once it’s sweet and deep and melancholy as it resonates both with nostalgia and possibility. You can find all the streaming and download links you’ll need to hear this right here.

SHELLS: “Like I Love You”

Written in response to the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the European Union, it’s melancholy yet hopeful, yearning as its heart aches. “Like I Love You” is the sweetly-soul-searching and brand-new single from London’s SHELLS. You can find streaming links for it right here, while links to all of her previous releases can be found on her website.