Yohuna: “Dead To Me”

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Photo by Mark Lukenbill

Johanne Swanson is a musician and producer from Brooklyn, and she’s just shared “Dead To Me”, the cottony, immediate and inviting new single from her Yohuna project. The track is taken from her forthcoming Mirroring LP. Out from June 7th, you can pre-order the sky-blue-vinyl version now from Orchid Tapes, and it’s available from her Bandcamp page as well.

Arlo Day: “This Love”

Photo by Lara Laeverenz

Bad Timing is the name of the forthcoming debut EP from south-east London’s Arlo Day, from which you can hear the silken, sharply-creased “This Love” above. It’s out care of Domino from May 31st. You can order 10″-vinyl and digital versions of it from their webstore right now.

Lo Carmen: “Now You Know Nashville” and “Half A Man”

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Photo by Karin Catt

An ageless ache that radiates truth and experience, “Now You Know Nashville” tells its tale with a burnished charm, while “Half A Man” sings like neon or a lonely dog to the moon. Together they comprise the just-released and wonderful digital single from Adelaide-born, L.A.-based musician Lo Carmen. You can download it and more of her music from her Bandcamp page right now.

Photo by Caro Constantine

Shikoswe: “Secret Bower”


Lean beneath the moonlight, “Secret Bower” is a lithe echo and the lyrical, spellbinding new single from Bergen, Norway’s Shikoswe. You can find streaming and download links for this right here. Back in the Tall Grass is the title of her next album, one she will release in August.

Haybaby: “Get Down”

Photo by Leslie Hong

Leslie Hong’s Haybaby have just unveiled “Get Down”, an electrifying independent classic and their intricately-drawn new single. The track is taken from their just-announced They Get There LP. Out from June 7th courtesy of Tiny Engines, you can pre-order pink-and-clear-split-vinyl, metallic-gold-vinyl, Rhodamine-red- and light-blue-cassette and digital versions of it now either from them or from the band’s Bandcamp page.

Kythira: “My Name”

Photo by Tim Goodwin

“My Name” is a sugary sigh and the irresistible, independent-minded new single from Sydney-, Los Angeles- and Copenhagen-based musician and producer Alyssa Gengos and her Kythira project. Her debut album Cut Through will be released by Healthy Tapes on May 30th. You can pre-order digital and cassette versions of it from her Bandcamp page now.

Erika de Casier: “Good Time”

Photo by Peter Dupont

Its touch light but its presence a palpable pulse, “Good Time” is alive with a quiet negative space and the intricate, alluring new single from Copenhagen’s Erika de Casier. You can find streaming links for it right here. Essentials, her debut LP, is released on May 16th through her own Independent Jeep Music label.