Eve Owen: “Blue Moon”

Photo by Chris Almeida

Don’t Let The Ink Dry is the name of the forthcoming debut LP from London’s Eve Owen, one produced by Aaron Dessner of The National. Today she’s unveiled its simmering, scintillating “Blue Moon”, and you can find streaming and download links for it right here. The album is out from May 8th care of the 37d03d collective, and you can pre-save it on Apple Music now.

Biig Piig: “Switch”

Sharp witted as it hops genres with a sinewy grace, “Switch” is the dazzling new single from London’s Biig Piig. It commands attention without calling for it, its shifts in rhythm effortless and her talent self-evident. Just released, you can find streaming and download links for this right here.

Annie Burnell: “All Is Reborn”

A warming whisper from dappled memory, “All Is Reborn” is alive with allure, and it’s the spell-casting brand-new single from Parisian musician Annie Burnell. A Continental dream, its Deneuve-haunted new video was directed with an elegant patience by Antoine Henault. Ms. Burnell’s debut, you can download the track right now from her Bandcamp page.

Blair Lee: “Less Or More”

A sugary surge of encouragement, it’s a kind word from a friend that offers understanding. “Less Or More” is the gently-soaring, compassionate brand-new single from Toronto’s Blair Lee. The track was just released today, and you can find more information about her and her music by visiting this link.

Julia-Sophie: “I Left You”

No photo description available.

Now accompanied by an artfully-windswept video directed by Siobhan Cox, it moves with a swift, arresting smoothness. An enigmatic invitation into the deep night’s possibilities, “I Left You” is the filmic newest single from Brighton- and Oxford-based musician Julia-Sophie, and it’s available on all major digital music platforms now. Her debut EP Y is on its way as well.

Amaroun: “Talk”

It’s so many different things, but always one — its vision clear and its sense of purpose deep. “Talk” is the quietly-charismatic and deep-grooved brand-new single from London’s Amaroun. You can find streaming links for the track right here, and she has plans for monthly releases throughout the year.

Estereomance: “Crimson Queen”

Photo by Persia Campbell

Today Juárez- and El Paso-based group Estereomance have shared the perceptive and analog-toned brand-new video for their soft-edged, observant single “Crimson Queen”. Directed by Luisa Gonzalez, it’s stylish in vintage as it searches reflectively. You can find assorted streaming and download links for the track right here.

TOPS: “Direct Sunlight”

Photo by Justin Aranha

Montréal’s TOPS continue generously to share from their forthcoming I Feel Alive LP, and “Direct Sunlight” is a dappled blast of retro-futurism and its spotless latest single. The album arrives on April 3rd courtesy of their own Musique TOPS. You can pre-order coke-bottle-clear-vinyl, black-vinyl, CD, cassette and digital versions of it both from their webstore or from their Bandcamp page now.