Loyal Lobos: "Criminals"

Photo by Diego Trenas

L.A.’s Andrea Silva is the creative force behind Loyal Lobos, and she’s just unveiled the thoughtfully-shot new video for her spare and sparkling “Criminals”, one directed by Diego Trenas and the artist herself. You can find streaming and download links for this track right here. On January 27th she will be hosting a show at Brooklyn’s inclusive and safe space Elsewhere called Nuevo Noise, about which more at their website.

Jennah Barry: "Pink Grey Blue"

Photo by Kira Curtis

Bright and modern Baroque, “Pink Grey Blue” is the plush and enchanting brand-new single from Nova Scotia’s Jennah Barry. You can find streaming links for this right here. The track is taken from her just-announced new LP Holiday, which she releases on March 27th care of Forward Music Group. You can pre-order mint-vinyl, black-vinyl, digital and CD versions of it from her Bandcamp page right now.

Vacant Gardens: "Shorebirds"

Vacant Gardens is the new musical venture from longtime Autumn Roses favorite Jem Fanvu and Glenn Donaldson, and “Shorebirds” is a gently-recalled memory in brocade and their absolutely-heavenly debut single. Its wisped, patterned melodies are kind and calming. The track is taken from Under The Bloom, their forthcoming debut LP, one they will release through Tall Texan Records in the Spring.


Photo by Chiara Gambuto

The solo-musical project of South London’s Sophie Nicole Ellison, HUSSY has just shared “YLMD”, a comforting surge and its honeyed, sharp new single. Its spiky honesty is swathed in warm, cottony and classic-sounding melodies. You can stream the track right now by visiting her Soundcloud page, and it’s available on all major streaming platforms, too.

Sasha Cay: "Archie"

Photo by Aja Palmer

Montr√©al’s Sasha Cay has revealed “Archie”, a subtle storm at dusk and her mysterious, magnetic latest single. An adventure between ellipses, you can download this right now from her Bandcamp page. The track is taken from her debut studio EP, one she will release in the Spring.

Hinds: "Riding Solo"

A warm, welcome return, its textures are rich, its attitude delightfully wry and its styling colorful and new. “Riding Solo” is the lush and witty brand-new single from longtime-Autumn Roses favorites Hinds. Just released, you can find sundry streaming and download links for this delight right here. Via Les inRocks.

Sofie: "99 Glimpses"

Photo by Miriam Marlene

Nico-esque as it drifts, cloud-like, “99 Glimpses” is the vaporous brand-new single from Viennese musician Sofie¬†Fatouretchi, a.k.a. Sofie. The track’s pillowy dreamscapes are amplified by a kinetic, psychedelic new video from Ferdinand Sarnitz. Out through the courtesy of Stones Throw, you can download this right now from her Bandcamp page.