Anna Cordell: "Nobody Knows Us" and "You"

Photo by Lilli Waters

Recently and quite generously Melbourne’s Anna Cordell has shared two new singles from her forthcoming LP: the spectral, sonorous and chiming “Nobody Knows Us” and “You”, darkly sylvan and poetic. Both are available from her Bandcamp page right now and taken from Nobody Knows Us, the album she releases on February 14th. She also runs Anna Cordell Clothing, which ships worldwide.

Maija Sofia: “The Wife Of Michael Cleary”

Photo by Nancy Wilde

Bath Time is the title of the soon-to-be-released, concept-driven album from Dublin’s Maija Sofia, from which you can hear the buzzing, literate “The Wife Of Michael Cleary” above. The album is out on November 22nd courtesy of London’s Trapped Animal. You can order turquoise-vinyl, black-vinyl, CD, digital and bundled editions of it now from her Bandcamp page.

Matilda Mann: “The Loch Ness Monster”

Photo by Christina Almeida

Darkly fanciful and organically textured, it explores sylvan mysteries with an intelligent mischief. “The Loch Ness Monster” is the pastoral, secretive and emerald-toned new single from West London’s Matilda Mann, and you can find streaming links for it here. This is the second track she’s shared from her debut EP If That Makes Sense, its release forthcoming.