Reina del Cid: “Bernadette”

Cheerful and calming, “Bernadette” is the sweet and charming brand-new single from Minneapolis, Minnesota’s Reina del Cid. You can stream the track and keep up with her new releases by subscribing to her YouTube channel. The track will appear on Morse Code, the LP she releases on October 4th. You can buy physical copies of her previous releases now from her webstore.

Alana Henderson: “Museum”

Alana Henderson is a cellist, singer and songwriter from Belfast, Northern Ireland, and “Museum” is her literate, mystic and lyrical new single. This is the title track to her next and second EP, one she will release later this year. In the meantime you can find links to this track and all of her previous releases by visiting her website.

Ruth Garbus: “Beauty”

Transfixing poetics animate a pastoral adventure on “Beauty”, the angled, quietly-theatrical and aptly-titled brand-new single from Vermont’s Ruth Garbus. The track is taken from Kleinmeister, the album she releases through Orindal on August 30th. You can pre-order opaque-natural-vinyl, black-vinyl, CD and digital versions of it both from them and from her Bandcamp page now.

Shannon Lay: “August”

Wound in entrancing melodies and etched with inviting riddles, “August” is the leafy and evocative title track to the forthcoming LP from Los Angeles-based musician Shannon Lay. The album is released on August 23rd by Sub Pop. You can pre-order orange-vinyl, black-vinyl, CD, cassette and digital versions of it from their MegaMart right now.

Ruth Garbus: “Strash”

An afterimage that repeats, pulsing magically, “Strash” is the adventurous, affecting and brand-new single from Vermont’s Ruth Garbus. This will appear on Kleinmeister, her forthcoming LP. Released by Orindal on August 30th, you can pre-order opaque-vinyl, black-vinyl, opaque-and-black-transition-vinyl, CD and digital versions of it from them now. You can also find her previous releases on her Bandcamp page.