Kate NV: “Sayonara”

Photo by Richard Jonathan Miles

Kate Shilonosova, a.k.a. Kate NV, is a musician, producer and artist from Moscow, and “Sayonara” is her exotic, artfully-designed and hyper-intelligent new single. The track is taken from Room For the Moon, her next LP. Out courtesy of Brooklyn’s Rvng Intl. from June 12th, you can pre-order white-vinyl, black-vinyl, CD, digital and bundled editions of it right now either from them or from her Bandcamp page.

Steampunk and Sci-Fi x Clio Em

Photo by @Susapix

For many years opera singer, writer and experimental musician Clio Em has been an important contributor to The Autumn Roses. Not only has she written posts for us, but her original short stories and wide-ranging and daring musical compositions have been featured here as well. She’s like a sister, and in these apocalyptic times she would like to share information about her Patreon account. Whatever you can do to contribute to her would be wonderful.

Over to her:

Welcome to Airships and Lace, a steampunk world of future and past, of tiny tales and sweeping adventures across universes. I am a Canadian-Polish writer, composer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Vienna. I am currently working towards a PhD in science fiction vocal music, and — in more stable times — I sing in the Arnold Schoenberg Choir at Theater an der Wien, one of the most historic theaters in Europe — where, among others, Beethoven lived and Mozart worked.

With my Patreon page, I am returning to a more spontaneous and visceral creation format — fiercely independent story weaver and music maker. I am dedicated to fearless creativity and often craft narratives through words and sound. My frequent visual artist collaborator, Hali Rey, often supplies visuals for my videos and other events. On this Patreon, the photos are all mine (for now). Photography is a side passion of mine, and I will work it in here and there as I create on this platform.

Clarice Jensen: “Metastable”

An impending unknown lurks in the faintly-purple ink. Its force and menace grow, muscled, and it moves on — you’re safe. “Metastable” is a drama looped and the steely new track from Juilliard-trained musician Clarice Jensen. It’s taken from The experience of repetition as death, the album she releases through FatCat’s 130701 imprint on April 3rd. You can pre-order vinyl, CD and digital versions of it from her Bandcamp page right now.

Celia Hollander: “Spared Time”

Photo by Alex Tyson

Celia Hollander is a composer and digital-sound artist from Los Angeles, and next month she releases her Recent Futures LP. You can preview its oceanic, searching and replicating “Spared Time” here. The album is released by Leaving Records on March 6th, and you can pre-order aqua-glass-blue-vinyl and digital versions of it right now from her Bandcamp page, where you can download this track, too.

UV: “Summoning”

Photo by Balbina Bochuzynska

UV is the solo-musical project of London’s Marina Elderton, and Phillip James McGoldrick has directed the riveting, soul-bearing new video for her resonating single “Summoning”. The intimate clip was captured as she sung it a cappella at St Pancras Old Church this Summer past. You can hear her Defender EP right now on Apple Music.

Elizabeth Joan Kelly: “Feral At Night”

New Orleans, Louisiana’s Elizabeth Joan Kelly composes underground, apocalyptic Sturm und Drang with a sense of gallows humor and vintage style, and Farewell, Doomed Planet! is the name of her latest LP. Above you can hear its tense and menacing “Feral At Night”. You can find links to digital versions of the album by visiting her website, and it’s available from her Bandcamp page as well.