Celia Hollander: "Spared Time"

Photo by Alex Tyson

Celia Hollander is a composer and digital-sound artist from Los Angeles, and next month she releases her Recent Futures LP. You can preview its oceanic, searching and replicating “Spared Time” here. The album is released by Leaving Records on March 6th, and you can pre-order aqua-glass-blue-vinyl and digital versions of it right now from her Bandcamp page, where you can download this track, too.

UV: "Summoning"

Photo by Balbina Bochuzynska

UV is the solo-musical project of London’s Marina Elderton, and Phillip James McGoldrick has directed the riveting, soul-bearing new video for her resonating single “Summoning”. The intimate clip was captured as she sung it a cappella at St Pancras Old Church this Summer past. You can hear her Defender EP right now on Apple Music.

Elizabeth Joan Kelly: "Feral At Night"

New Orleans, Louisiana’s Elizabeth Joan Kelly composes underground, apocalyptic Sturm und Drang with a sense of gallows humor and vintage style, and Farewell, Doomed Planet! is the name of her latest LP. Above you can hear its tense and menacing “Feral At Night”. You can find links to digital versions of the album by visiting her website, and it’s available from her Bandcamp page as well.

Noah: メルティン・ブルー (“Melting Blue”)

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Photo by Ryo Mitamura

A vast, open landscape in a pleasant, mist-heavy memory, “Melting Blue” is the retro-futuristic, narcotic new single from Japanese musician and producer Noah. The track is taken from her forthcoming Thirty LP. Out care of the innovative label flau from October 18th, you can pre-order the digital version of it now from their Bandcamp page. Via Gorilla vs. Bear.