Natalie Slade: “Gimme Ya Love”

A jazz-kissed vision, “Gimme Ya Love” is easy-yet-editorial and the quick-pulsed, confident and forward-looking brand-new single from Sydney’s Natalie Slade. You can find all sorts of streaming and download links for this track right here. It’s taken from Control, her debut album, one released by London’s Eglo Records on June 5th. Pre-orders for vinyl and digital versions of it are available now from her Bandcamp page.

Sarah P.: “Athena”

Photo by Georgina Staikou

“Athena” is sharp, nostalgic futurism that enchants and the exotic, electric brand-new single from Athenian artist, musician and mental-health advocate Sarah P., who is also the founder of the Erase/Restart initiative. You can find streaming links for her Athena / The Poem of a Clear Conscience release right here. Meanwhile Plotting Revolutions, her next album, will be released sometime in the middle of this year.

Ava Lake: “God’s A Ghost”

Photo by Val Kilborn

Assured and alluring, “God’s A Ghost” is an arcing, live-wired D.I.Y. celebration and the sizzling new single from Chicago’s Ava Lake. You can find an assortment of streaming and download links for this right here. The Rise is the title of her debut EP, one she releases on October 11th.

Oh Land x Arthur Moon: “Salt”

Photo by Shervain Lainez
Photo by EbruYildiz

Copenhagen’s Nanna Øland Fabricius, a.k.a. Oh Land, has collaborated with Brooklyn’s Lora-Faye Åshuvud, a.k.a. Arthur Moon, to create the forthcoming Replanting Family Tree re-mix EP. On it the pair re-imagine tracks from Oh Land’s most-recent album Family Tree, and you can hear its deeply-rhythmic, airy “Salt” above. You can find streaming and download links for this right here, and the album will be out on September 18th. They will also be touring together throughout the U.S., and you can find those dates and locations here.