Desert Sharks: “I Don’t Know How to Dress for the Apocalypse”

Photo by Shawn Cuni

Next Friday, September 27th, Brooklyn’s Desert Sharks unleash their Baby’s Gold Death Stadium LP, and you can fall in love with its high-octane “I Don’t Know How To Dress For The Apocalypse” above. The album is out on female- and queer-run label Substitute Scene. You can pre-order gold-vinyl and digital versions of it from the band’s Bandcamp page right now.

Desert Sharks: “Sorceress”

Photo by Shawn Cuni

Baby’s Gold Death Stadium is the intriguing name of the forthcoming album from Brooklyn’s Desert Sharks, and above you can hear its heart-pounding, classic-sounding lead track “Sorceress”. The album arrives on September 27th. You can pre-order gold-vinyl versions of it and download this track right now from their Bandcamp page.

(Note: The Autumn Roses will be taking a short break, and we will be back with new music on Thursday, August 15th)

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