Doe Paoro: “Midnight Choir”

Photo by Milo Decruz

Lit from within by a Brill Building-inspired incandescence, it’s an open-armed anthem that swings with charm. “Midnight Choir” is the accomplished brand-new single from Doe Paoro, and the first one she’s recorded with legend Rob Schnapf. You can find assorted streaming and download links for it right here.

XENIA2020: “Que Pena Me Da”

Photo by Pablo Amibas

XENIA2020 is the recently-introduced alter ego of wildly-creative musician Xenia Rubiños, and she’s just unveiled the unadorned and arresting new song “Que Pena Me Da” along with its artfully layered new video. The three additional accompanying videos in this four-part series can be found on the La Vitrola YouTube page. More music from this project is on its way, but you can buy her previous releases from her Bandcamp page now.

Jade Jackson: “Secret”

Photo by Xina Hamari Ness

Swirling in noir mysteries, Santa Margarita, California’s Jade Jackson has just shared “Secret”, a smoldering danger and her electrifying new single. The track is taken from her forthcoming Wilderness LP. Out from June 28th, you can pre-order vinyl, CD and bundled versions of it from her webstore, while the digital copy can be ordered from her Bandcamp page.

Photo by Xina Hamari Ness