VanWyck: “Carolina’ s Anatomy”

“Carolina’s Antatomy” occupies with a poetic grace the calming space in Chelsea Girl’s rhythms, and it’s the hyper-literate, humane new single from Amsterdam’s excellent, enigmatic VanWyck. The track is taken from Molten Rock, her forthcoming new LP. Released from November 15th, you can pre-order both vinyl and CD editions of it here, where you can find her An Average Woman debut LP as well.

Joya Mooi: “Been Here”

Streamlined and sung with an easy, self-evident confidence, “Been Here” is the smoldering new single from Amsterdam’s Joya Mooi, and its new video is styled with vintage mystery. The track is taken from The Ease of Others, her recently-released debut album. You can find all the links you’ll need to stream it right here.

BEA1991: “modern comforts”

A hypnotic, poetic swirl, “modern comforts” is the cyclical and cinematic new single from Amsterdam’s BEA1991. You can find various streaming and download links for this track right here. Brand New Adult is the name of her next album, one she will release on July 12th.