Van Darien: "Twisted Metal"

Co-written with Maren Morris, “Twisted Metal” is the heady and hard-hitting brand-new single from Weatherford Texas-born, Nashville-based Van Darien. You can stream this gem by visiting her Soundcloud page, and it will receive its official digital release on January 31st. Meanwhile her Levee LP will be released on April 10th, and you can pre-save that now on her website.

Jen Starsinic: "Gold Soundz"

Photo by Angelina Castillo

Of course it’s too difficult to pick a favorite, but “Gold Soundz” is a time-altering tune and surely one of Pavement’s best. Here Nashville’s Jen Starsinic covers it with both love and an edge. Her six-track Bad Actor EP will be released on February 7th, and you can pre-order it from her Bandcamp page right now.

Mercy Bell: “Chocolate Milk and Whiskey”

Mercy Bell is a Queer, Filipino-American musician currently living in East Nashville, and she recently and independently released her self-titled debut LP. Its ageless-yet-current “Chocolate Milk and Whiskey” resonates with a hard-earned specificity, a kind nostalgia and classic-Country heartbreak. You can find links to digital versions of the album here, and you can buy opaque-pink-vinyl versions of it from her Bandcamp page as well.

Caitlin Anne Webster: “Wait (On Love)” & “Powhatan River Blues”

Photo by  Emily Quirk

“Wait (On Love)” blazes with deep emotions, its pain poetry, while “Powhatan River Blues” ambles with a thoughtful, ageless warmth through re-born Spring fields. Both are powerful brand-new singles from Nashville’s Caitlin Anne Webster, and you can find sundry streaming and download links for them right here. You can find her previous releases both as a solo artist and with Nightingale Rodeo on her Bandcamp page as well.