FRANKIIE: “Compare”

Photo by Amanda Leigh Smith

Luminous and rich as tremolos bend and blur, “Compare” is the glowing and glamorous new single from Vancouver’s FRANKIIE. You can find streaming and download links for this right here. Forget Your Head is the name of their next album, one due out through Paper Bag Records on September 20th.

Photo by Amanda Leigh Smith

Maven Grace: “Me vs. The Volcano”

Its sentiments as strong as steel as high clouds and melodies curl and drift, “Me vs. The Volcano” is an understated triumph and the stylish, emotional new single from Maven Grace. The track was recorded exquisitely at Bryan Ferry’s exclusive Avonmore Studio. You can stream the track on their Soundcloud page now, and a debut LP from them is on the way as well.

Sur Back: “Nostalgia In Motion”

Photo by Lissy Elle

Sur Back is a mysterious musician from the magically-named Jupiter, Florida, and she’s just shared the swirling, arresting new single “Nostalgia In Motion”. You can download the track now from her Bandcamp page, and it will also be appearing on a singles compilation that she releases later in the year. She will be hosting a release show for this jewel at Brooklyn’s Alphaville on July 18th, and you can find tickets for that event right here.

Jay Som: “Tenderness”

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Photo by Lindsey Brynes

“Tenderness” is a pillowy whisper in a sweetly-remembered dream and the analog-toned and terrific new single from Jay Som. The track is taken from her forthcoming LP Anak Ko. Out courtesy of Polyvinyl on August 23rd, you can pre-order orange-and-pink-splatter-vinyl, red-cassette, CD and digital editions of it either from them or from her Bandcamp page now.

Ruth Garbus: “Strash”

An afterimage that repeats, pulsing magically, “Strash” is the adventurous, affecting and brand-new single from Vermont’s Ruth Garbus. This will appear on Kleinmeister, her forthcoming LP. Released by Orindal on August 30th, you can pre-order opaque-vinyl, black-vinyl, opaque-and-black-transition-vinyl, CD and digital versions of it from them now. You can also find her previous releases on her Bandcamp page.