Kandle: “Nobody Wants You Now”

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Photo by Maya Fuhr

An artful tension electrifies the stylish, suspenseful and relevant new video, one directed powerfully by Emma Higgins. “Nobody Wants You Now” is the heavy and purposeful new single from Kandle. The track can be found on her most-recent LP Holy Smoke, and you can buy black-and-red-translucent-vinyl, CD and digital versions of it from her Bandcamp page now.

SOAK: “Déjà Vu”

Photo by Ellius Grace

Buoyant melancholy, “Déjà Vu” is the heartening, youthful and polished new single from Derry’s/Londonderry’s SOAK. The track is taken from her forthcoming and second LP Grim Town. Out from April 26th, you can pre-order CD and deluxe-double-vinyl versions of it from Rough Trade right now.

Jerry Williams: “Gameshow”


A beautiful ache at the center of an ivory spotlight, “Gameshow” is the delicately-dramatic and plaintive new single from Portsmouth, England’s Jerry Williams. This is the title track to her just-released four-track EP. You can find all the relevant streaming and download links for it right here.

Charly Bliss: “Chatroom”


Arriving with a harrowing video and addressing a deeply-personal and devastating topic, “Chatroom” is a tornadic release of energy and the scorching new single from Charly Bliss. The track is taken from the forthcoming Young Enough LP. Out from May 10th, you can pre-order translucent-blue-vinyl, CD and cassette versions of it from Rough Trade, while you can get the digital one from their Bandcamp page.

Anteros: “Drive On”


Directed by Vasilisa Forbes and the band’s Laura Hayden, the plastic-free video makes its point with subtlety and color. “Drive On” is the high-powered new single from London’s Anteros, one taken from their forthcoming When We Land LP. Out from March 22nd, you can pre-order signed-vinyl, signed-CD and cassette versions of it from their webstore right now.

Charly Bliss: “Capacity”

Photo by Ebru Yildiz

“Capacity” is the aerodynamic, vital new single from New York City’s Charly Bliss, and Michelle Zauner has directed its boldly-colored new video with style and humor. Their just-announced next album is entitled Young Enough. Out from May 10th, you can pre-order vinyl and CD versions of it now from their webstore.