Amy Klein: “Winter”

Photo by Felicia Heng and Orlando S. Gondar

Winter/Time is the title of the next and second album from Brooklyn’s Amy Klein, and from it you can hear the rain-driven and riveting “Winter” above. The album is released by Don Giovanni on November 22nd. You can pre-order the digital version of it now from her Bandcamp page, where you can find her previous recordings, too.

TORRES: “Good Scare”

A storm that breaks bringing light as clouds disperse, “Good Scare” is the wryly-complex, poetic and brand-new single from Mackenzie Scott’s TORRES. The track appears on her just-announced new LP Silver Tongue. Out from January 31st on Merge Records, you can pre-order half-silver-half-green-vinyl, black-vinyl, CD and digital editions of it from her Bandcamp page now.