Christinna O: "Shine"

Photo by Miriam Brummel

Sleek and celebratory, freely-flowing and bright, it tells its inspiring story from the heart and with a kind confidence. “Shine” is the honed and warm brand-new single from Philadelphia-based poet and musician Christinna O. You can stream it and each of her previously-released tracks right now by visiting her Soundcloud page.

Lindsay Kay: "Clean and Fair"

The sumptuous new video was lovingly framed and thoughtfully shot by Anastasia Lebedeva. “Clean and Fair” is the spacious, gliding new single from L.A.’s Lindsay Kay, and you’ll find it on her For the Feminine, By the Feminine LP. Assorted streaming and download links for that are available right here, and you can also download her just-released Evolution of a Song EP from her Bandcamp page.

Loyal Lobos: "Criminals"

Photo by Diego Trenas

L.A.’s Andrea Silva is the creative force behind Loyal Lobos, and she’s just unveiled the thoughtfully-shot new video for her spare and sparkling “Criminals”, one directed by Diego Trenas and the artist herself. You can find streaming and download links for this track right here. On January 27th she will be hosting a show at Brooklyn’s inclusive and safe space Elsewhere called Nuevo Noise, about which more at their website.

Ismay: "The Stones"

Photo by Giant Eye Photography

Ismay is the solo-musical project of Petaluma, California’s Avery Hellman, and “The Stones” is an adventure in the otherworld and their lyrical, verdant new single. You can stream the track right now both on Apple Music and on their Soundcloud page. The track is taken from their debut LP Songs of Sonoma, one they’ll release in February.

DYLLAN: "devotion"

Photo by Julia Torchine

Streamlined as its rhythms hit hard, “devotion” is the smooth and smoldering new single from L.A.’s Dylan Nichols, a.k.a. DYLLAN. The track is taken from her just-released not your goddess EP. You can find links to that along with information about her hometown release show for it at Madame Siam right here.