aeseaes: “Rilke Song”

A beautiful secret quietly and privately shared, “Rilke Song” is the sweetly-touching latest track shared by inventive, Austin-based duo aeseaes. You can find streaming and download information for this and all of their previous releases by visiting their website. When there you can also learn about their alternate methods of music distribution, and vinyl versions of their Six Songs EP are available on CD and vinyl from their webstore.

Jennah Bell: “Can’t Be Too Careful”

Photo by Mallory Talty

Starring the artist herself and Jane Kim, the gauzy, reflective and surreal new video was directed in scintillating psychedelic tones by Mallory Talty. The fiery, exquisite “Can’t Be Too Careful” is taken from Anchors & Elephants, the new album from L.A’s Jennah Bell. You can buy the digital version of it right now from her Bandcamp page.

Lena Raine: “A Chance To Rest”

Seattle’s Lena Raine is a video game music composer who in the past has worked with Hans Zimmer, and later this month she will release Oneknowing, her debut solo LP. Above you can hear “A Chance To Rest”, a quiet shimmer and one of its ten tracks. Out from March 29th, you can pre-order vinyl and digital versions of it from her Bandcamp page right now.

Blu DeTiger: “Mad Love”

A loving ode to the vanishing Manhattan of Debbie Harry and disco, the new video was directed with an easy spontaneity by Luke Rathborne. “Mad Love” is the breezy and positive brand-new single from Blu DeTiger. You can find various streaming and download links for this gem right here.

Photo by Rachel Cabbitt