Cate Le Bon: “Home to You”

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The humane new video was filmed with the assistance of Košice, Slovakia’s Kino Úsmev, a local organization that connects young people there with artistic and creative outlets. “Home To You” is enchanting and taken from Reward, the next LP from Cate Le Bon. Out from May 24th, you can pre-order red-vinyl, black-vinyl, CD and digital versions of it from Mexican Summer now.

Honeyblood: “She’s A Nightmare”

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Ashley Rommelrath has directed the otherworldly brand-new video with a dark elegance and a love for detail. “She’s A Nightmare” is a high-powered joy and taken from In Plain Sight, the forthcoming LP from Honeyblood. Out from May 24th, you can order transparent-orange-vinyl, black-vinyl, CD and bundled editions of it from the band’s webstore now.

Σtella: “Samba”

Photo by Isa Charbila

Enchantment liquefied, “Samba” is the fluid, crystal-clear new single from Athens, Greece-based musician and producer Σtella. Her first for new label Arbutus Records, you can find streaming links for the track right here. She’s recently completed her first full-length album for them as well, and that will be released later this year.

Xoller: “Loom”

Poetry with a pulse, it’s an astral hymn that dances in a dream. “Loom” is generous, longing and the starbright new single from L.A.’s Xoller. You can find links to this track right now by visiting her website, and her Diamond In My Head EP will arrive later in the Spring.

Maren Celest: “Nightshade”

Self Portrait

I Saw The Sun is the title of the forthcoming audio-visual release from Chicago-based artist and musician Maren Celest, and you can hear its darkly-gripping “Nightshade” above. The red-7″ and 94-page photography book together are released by Candor Arts on April 19th. You can order yours right here, and you’ll be able to download the digital version of the track from April 26th.