Zoe Mead and Wyldest: "Alive (Redream)"

Photo by Tom Gaiger

Wyldest’s Zoe Mead has deconstructed her band’s debut LP Dream Chaos to reassemble it in the form of Redream Chaos, her forthcoming new LP. She’s just kindly shared a verdant and emerald re-worked version of its “Alive”, born anew as “Alive (Redream)”. The album is released by Hand In Hive from March 6th, and you can pre-order that from the band’s Bandcamp page now.

HANYA: "I'll Do It Tomorrow"

Spindled, flanged and Gavurin-esque guitar lines float as bright melodies spark wistful memories. “I’ll Do It Tomorrow” is the dazzling new single from Brighton, England’s HANYA, and it will be available on all major digital music platforms beginning tomorrow, January 17th. Additionally the Sea Shoes EP from which this is taken will be released in the Spring.

Squirrel Flower: "Streetlight Blues"

Boston’s Ella Williams is the creative mind behind Squirrel Flower, and she’s soon to release her debut album I Was Born Swimming. From it above you can hear its “Streetlight Blues”, a muscular hymn. The album will be released on January 31st by Polyvinyl, and you can pre-order clear-teal-with-white-smoke-vinyl, rust-and-blue-vinyl, CD, cassette and bundled editions of it right now both from the label and from her Bandcamp page.

Martha Spencer: "Left Behind"

Martha Spencer is an old-time-style musician from Whitetop, Virginia, and “Left Behind” is her ghostly, longing and accomplished latest single. Together she and Michelle Kowalski have directed its evocative, cinematic and vintage-cool new video, filming it both in Whitetop and in Mouth of Wilson. You can find her self-titled debut album and more of her music now on her Bandcamp page.

Banoffee: "Count On You"

Photo by Julian Bouchan

Next month Melbourne-born, L.A.-based Banoffee releases her long-awaited debut LP Look At Us Now Dad, and the gently-futuristic “Count On You” is its sparkling latest single. The album arrives through Cascine on February 21st. You can pre-order ultra-clear-transparent vinyl and digital versions of it right now from their webstore.

otta: "Near Enough A Woman"

otta press shot for small hours and near enough a woman
Photo by Lara Laeverenz

“Near Enough A Woman” is tranquil yet expansive, personable and the subtly-riveting new single from British and Finnish musician otta. You can find sundry streaming and download links for this gem right here. Their debut EP after it all blew over will be released care of kwes’ BOKKLE label from January 24th.

Okay Kaya: "Psych Ward"

A revelation that roils, “Psych Ward” is the raw, plain-spoken and disarming brand-new single from New York City’s Okay Kaya. Written from personal experience, it’s taken from her forthcoming Watch This Liquid Pour Itself LP. Out from January 24th, you can pre-order CD, coke-bottle-clear vinyl, digital and bundled editions of it right now by visiting her Bandcamp page.