Photo by Uni Sea

A dark invitation that explodes into life, “Learning The Feeling” is the effortlessly-cool, pristine and powerful brand-new single from L.A.’s talker. About it she told The Autumn Roses this:

“When you’ve been holding in your feelings for so long, sometimes you have to finally scream them out. That’s what “Learning the Feeling” is for me – the musical exploration of finally being open after years of hiding behind my anxiety. In “Keep Me Safe” I was holding my breath waiting for a moment of truth. “Learning the Feeling” is that moment.

I wrote “Learning the Feeling” at a time when I was ready to really open myself up and be true to my feelings. My cowriters were in similar places of needing to let out some sort of heavy emotion, and we all knew that the only way to do that was to show them at full force.

The video is a continuation of the story in “Keep Me Safe” – only now, we see what happens when I stop being afraid and take control.”

You can find streaming and download links for the track and so much more of her music and videos right here.

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