Welcome To The Black Parade — The Black Parade

In 2006, MCR dropped their third album, the death conceptualised maximalist rock opera, The Black Parade. Gerard had cut his hair — his hair! And it was peroxide blond — blond!

Welcome To The Black Parade, the much-memed lead single from that album took the band to the UK Number One spot almost 13 years ago to the exact week.

I made my mum take me down to HMV in Oxford Street to get me in to see their record release show in London. It was madness, the underdogs had turned the world black, as the NME headline read for their October cover story (which I obviously still have in storage).

Green Day had lured in a generation of fans over to the rock side with American Idiot, containing two different ten minute long songs, and had paved the way for My Chemical Romance’s sprawling multi-versed lead single. Today, you can hardly have a 5 second intro on a song for fear of the skip rate on Spotify, but back in 2006, fans were committed, in it for the long haul, ready to pick which section out of the 5 minute 11 second song was their favourite. For what it’s worth, I think mine is the key change at almost 4 minutes in, or maybe when it goes to half time about 30 seconds later. 

(The Cousin Marnie MCR TAR Takeover Part 7)

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