Skylines and Turnstiles — I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love

It’s MCR lore that the band was formed just over 18 years ago in the direct aftermath of 9/11. Gerard was on his way into Manhattan from New Jersey, the band’s home state, to intern at the Cartoon Network when he witnessed the planes flying into the World Trade Center. 

I often think it’s under-examined just how deeply 9/11 affected millennials. The terror and panic that swept through our childhood and teenage years, as the UK and America declared war to a generation who had no real concept of anything but peace time. The cultural and emotional impact of that time is something I often discuss with friends who admit now how violently the idea of mortality was introduced to them that day.

Returning home, Gerard decided to start a band and find a new purpose in this strange new world, this strange new America — and this was the very-first song that the band wrote.

The first record was an indie release, coming out just under a year after the attacks on New York City. It’s a razor blade collision of four creative forces finding their feet together. It has so many of the markers of what would become MCR’s musical DNA: guitars and drums fighting for the lead on rhythm behind Gerard’s movie-script lyricism and unhinged vocals, whispers and screams trading places in your ear. The melancholy Coen-Brothers-meets-Tarantino movie set of Demolition Lovers set right against the drug-addled mania of Headfirst for Halos. If Eminem had grown up listening to rock music in New Jersey, he’d have been in this band.

(The Cousin Marnie MCR TAR Takeover Part 4)

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