My Chemical Romance were the underdogs — always. They were ridiculed and lumped in with a scene that was unworthy of them. They weren’t a silly posing eyeliner band, they were a band helmed by a once-in-a-generation frontman, Gerard Way — an art school graduate who was more interested in Grant Morrison and Alan Moore than he was dating Hollywood heiresses, unlike his early 2000s frontmen peers.

Gerard Way has always been the captain behind My Chemical Romance, but the band and its legions of fans know that the love was real for his comrades. MCR thrived on its brotherhood, both literal and metaphorical, starting with Mikey Way, Gerard’s shy and introverted younger brother, frozen to the spot playing bass, glasses slipping down his nose. Frank Iero, the Duracell-bunny-charged rhythm guitarist was somehow the perfect partner to the most gentle and lovable member of the band, Ray Toro, lead guitarist.

If you put aside the theatre, the high concept records and comic book visuals, My Chemical Romance, at their core, were always a band of four brothers — four teenage heroes to whom I am eternally grateful. Four good men. In the age we currently live in, My Chemical Romance’s ethos of inclusivity, respect for women, slamming of homophobia and a general absence of machismo might just be one of the reasons why they have aged so well, and why 2019 is the perfect climate for the return of their brotherhood and their sisterhood in turn.

(The Cousin Marnie MCR TAR Takeover Part 3)

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