Jesca Hoop: “Song For A Bygone Era” and “Waking Andreas”

Both “Song For A Bygone Era” and “Waking Andreas” were left off of Jesca Hoop’s recently-released STONECHILD LP, but they are each beguiling and you can hear them above. Her Stonechild Afterbirth single compiles them, and you can download it from her Bandcamp page now. You can also buy white-marble-vinyl, black-vinyl, CD and digital versions of the full album from her webstore.

Mysie: “Heartbeat”

South London’s Mysie has shared not only her serene and symphonic new single “Heartbeat” but its stylishly-post-modern video as well. Together they blend seamlessly a contemporary angularity with the pillowy comfort of vintage R & B. You can find assorted streaming and download links for this track right here.

Matilda Mann: “The Loch Ness Monster”

Photo by Christina Almeida

Darkly fanciful and organically textured, it explores sylvan mysteries with an intelligent mischief. “The Loch Ness Monster” is the pastoral, secretive and emerald-toned new single from West London’s Matilda Mann, and you can find streaming links for it here. This is the second track she’s shared from her debut EP If That Makes Sense, its release forthcoming.

THYLA: “Lenox Hill”

“Lenox Hill” is the nostalgic, heartwarming and boundlessly-imagined brand-new single from Brighton’s THYLA. You can find various streaming links for this gem right here. This is the second track they’ve shared from their forthcoming and second EP Everything At Once, which they release on January 24th.

Natalie Bouloudis: “Outlaster”

Skeletons pirouette with grace across the black soil to which they once returned as elemental rhythms thump and coyotes howl. “Outlaster” is an enchanting incantation and the bewitching brand-new single from London’s Natalie Bouloudis. The track receives its official release on December 6th, when you can download it from her Bandcamp page. Meanwhile her Devil Is Doubt EP will be released next year.